Aulon Arch, Inc.
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Update — November 10, 2023

As mentioned in our last update, Aulon is currently focused on re-tooling its business portfolio, with an emphasis on technological innovation. Our goal is to design, prototype, and manufacture new products at a startling pace. Today, for the first time, we completed the entire design, fabrication, and publication cycle in a single day — sketching a new design in the morning, milling it in the afternoon, and announcing its availability in the evening.

Update — October 2, 2023

Over the last five year, our company passed through several extreme trials. A failed investment in a small chain of ice cream stores (Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab), a two year delay in a residential real estate project, and challenges related to COVID, nearly extinguished our company. Because we had no cash to pay employees, we were forced to lay off our entire staff in 2020, making normal functions like bookkeeping and stakeholder communications virtually impossible. The only path forward is to streamline the administration of the company, and even more importantly, focus the resources we have on attempting to re-establish profitable activities.

Naturally, with these troubles, legal problems have arisen. A significant amount of time is devoted to wrangling with these. It seems best for all concerned, if possible, to prevent the past from consuming the future. Therefore, we are allocating as much time as possible to re-tooling the company in order to focus on profitable projects.

We are focused on three activities:

It is our hope that through the channel of our website, we will be able to efficiently update stakeholders on further progress in the months and years ahead.